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Vehicle Magnets

Active Sign Shop's Magnetic signs combine promotion with portability

Magnetic signage delivers a powerful message and can be moved, removed or shared among several vehicles. This flexibility and the relatively low cost is what makes magnetic signs so popular. The graphic design experts at Active Sign Shop will help with the proper measurement and layout of your magnetic signs. Our experience with vehicle signage, permanent and temporary, allows us to guide and advise you with your color selection, fonts, logo placement, and design.

We use only quality materials that are weather and UV resistant to avoid fading. Unless specified otherwise, it is common for Active Sign Shop to round the corners of your car magnetic signs to keep the corners from peeling up on the road during use. Many clients also see the benefit of purchasing magnetic signs in quantities of three, driver side, passenger side, and rear. The rear magnetic sign statistically enjoys more readership than the side pair, which is why this is often recommended.