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Are you looking to make the front of your store more engaging? Are you looking for a portable sign that’s easy to set-up anywhere? A-Frame signs and sandwich board signs, are a classic form of signage that is regularly used today.

A-Frame signs are simple and very effective, but creating a custom A-frame or sandwich sign requires a little thought before the design process begins. Here is a short style guide that is full of insight from our expert sign design team.

Things to consider when designing a sign

Size: There are various sign sizes, and the selection is largely dependent on the construction. A-Frame signs are meant to be seen from a short distance, they don’t need to be giant but they should be large enough to grab the attention of passing traffic.

Standard A-sign sizes include:

● 24in x 36in
● 24in x 18in
● 32in x 48in
• 24in x 24in

Looking for something outside of the standard sandwich board size? We can manufacture custom sized a-frames using wood or plastic.

A-Frame Construction
These signs get their name because of the way they were traditionally constructed. When it comes to the materials, hardware and assembly, A-frame signs offer more variety than most other types of signage.

Common A-Frame sign materials include:

● Plastics
● Blackboard/Chalkboard
● Aluminum
● Wood
● Dry Erase
● Quick Change

Price and durability are the biggest considerations. Wood, metal and plastic are superior materials for outdoor sign longevity. Weighted A-signs are great for gusty areas and windy days.

Sign Color Selection

There are various ways to display your message on an sandwich board sign. This will have a significant impact your design options. For instance, a chalkboard A-sign doesn’t require any printed graphics because you will create your own message with chalkboard markers. Same goes for dry erase signs.

Many A-signs require printed signage and have the option for interchangeable panels that slide in and out quickly. Corrugated plastic is often used for the panels so the sign making process is very similar to yard signs. Color printing is always recommended since bright colors and contrast are the most eye-catching ways to display your message.

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